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Learn everything there is to know about LEGACY. We took a survey. Turns out 80% of those who have LEGACY are getting only 20% of what LEGACY offers.
This book's content is aimed at both the beginner and the expert. We cover basics like installation, how to phase transformers, install common ground wiring, compare TMCC CAB-1 with LEGACY Cab-2, program both TMCC and LEGACY locomotives, Sequence Control, Lashing Up, Momentum and Feedback, Action Recorder, STM2 Switch Throw Monitor, Train Link, ASC2 Switch Controller, Updating CAB-2 and LEGACY base, LionChief Plus, Sensor Track, SC-2 Module, plus a lot more.
You will be amazed how easy LEGACY is to use, and the fun you will have. It's a game changer.
Easy to follow, 96 pages, with 220 color photos.
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Modern O Guage TMCC and Legacy Book
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